First Time Buyer?

Which Boat?


Rivers Only (River Cruisers)

Rivers only boats are boats with a beam over 6′ 10″. For boats based in Tewkesbury, we have a great cruising ground. Explore the Avon up river as far as Stratford and the Severn up river to Stourport or down river through Gloucester to Sharpness.

Rivers and Canal (Narrowbeam Cruisers)

If you want to explore both the river and canal system, you would need a narrowbeam i.e. 6ft 10 in wide or less. From Tewkesbury, you may enter the canal system at Stratford, Worcester or Stourport. The Avon ring is a popular holiday cruise which can take 10-14 days.

Canals (Narrowboats)

Ideal for exploring the canal system, built in steel to take the bumps and scrapes from navigating narrow waterways and locks. They also make capable river boats.

Estuary and coastal (Offshore Cruisers)

Cruisers designed and built to a standard for offshore cruising. The majority of inland and narrowbeam vessels are not seaworthy enough for coastal work, although many offshore boats do also make good river cruisers.

Owning and running a boat.

There are actually very few requirements. Most of the rules are based on common sense and consideration for the safety and convenience of all water users.

Licence to drive

A licence is not required to use a private boat for pleasure. However, we would recommend some help initially to get used to handling your new boat and the use of river locks etc.
We can help you with basic boat handling and also supply information about local tuition and courses available. Tuition on your own boat from qualified instructors can be ideal and well worthwhile, to give initial confidence. After that, begin to enjoy the learning experience for yourself.


Insurance for cruising inland waterways is considerably less expensive than we are used to paying for our cars. Premiums vary but most of our customers will pay less than £150 per year. A minimum third party liability cover up to £2,000,000 is required for all vessels but full cover is usually considered better value at little extra cost. Obtaining cover for a new boat is both quick and easy. If you would like details of some marine insurance companies, just ask.

Moorings for brokerage boats

Usually the largest single expense for a boat. We are pleased to offer berths here in our marina for all our brokerage boats. We do offer flood protected all year round moorings with all the usual marina facilities and security. During the winter, it is your choice to lay up ashore or afloat, or to use the boat all year round.

Where to moor when cruising

It is not generally accepted practice to moor just anywhere on the river bank overnight. There are plenty of interesting places to moor, such as locks, pubs, marinas, boatyards and overnight moorings in most towns. It is often also convenient to moor where there are toilet and shower facilities to use ashore.

River Licence

All craft afloat in our marina require a licence from The Avon Navigation Trust (ANT). This will allow you to cruise the Avon from Tewkesbury, through Evesham to Stratford. To cruise the River Severn or the canal system, a Canal & River Trust (CRT) license is needed, although it is often more economical to purchase short term permits. Please ask for information.
A current safety certificate and insurance will be required to obtain any inland waterways licence.

Boat Safety Certificate

All boats on inland waterways require a current BSS certificate for the protection of all waterway users. They need renewing every 4 years which involves an examination of the required safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fuel lines, gas installations and electrical wiring. The cost of renewal is approximately £130 plus any work required to bring the boat up to standard.


One engine service per season is normally adequate, along with winterising at the end of the season to ensure that the engine is protected against frost and laid up correctly if not being used.

Running Costs

As an example of what costs you may reasonably expect, we have chosen a typical boat. A 23ft River Cruiser with a 4 stroke petrol outboard engine of around 15hp.Based here in our marina for 12 months and used for weekend and holiday cruising. Of course, costs will vary depending on individual boats. These are most of the fixed costs but there will also be general expenditure on equipment and repairs which are difficult to estimate.

All prices are as at July 2017.

  • Mooring charge @ £306 per meter per year £2145
  • ANT River Licence (Prompt January) £315
  • Fuel costs @ 2 litres per hour for 100 engine hours £270 approx
  • Insurance for fully comprehensive cover £160 approx
  • Engine servicing e.g. One service and winterising £250 approx
  • Winter lift out & Back in  £350 approx
  • Total £3490